The climate of the Languedoc-Roussillon region is classed as Mediterranean. In short, that means long dry summers, temperate springs and autumns and mild, wet winters. The region is the second sunniest in France after Corsica with over 300 days of invigorating sun each year. The average annual temperature is 14º, and the town of Eus is France’s sunniest place!

Much of the exploring and tourism in Languedoc-Roussillon is outdoors and luckily the weather caters to its tourists. Some things to keep in mind when planning your holiday are that winds can get quite strong and lightning and hail storms are not uncommon. The coast is warmer and the plains inland and the mountains are cooler. The most rains falls in January and February and the hottest, driest months are July and August with average temperatures of 30º C. One of the best months for mild weather is October.
2021-04-19 16°C
2021-04-20 15°C
2021-04-21 12°C
2021-04-22 15°C
2021-04-23 17°C